Water jet Cutting

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Water jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting is suitable for all types of material (Titanium, Light metals, Coloured Metals, Plastics, Stone, Marble, wood ...etc). The advantages of water jet cutting is its' cold cutting method. This cold cutting method ensures structural integrity without contamination of gasses and pollutants. Materials, such as foam and rubber (that release a gas when laser cut) are ideally suited to Waterjet cutting. It is particularly suited to the medical and food and beverage industry. Water Jet cutting is capable of cutting complex shapes in any material to very high tolerances.

Aqua Design were one of the first companies in Ireland to use water jet cutting technology.

  • Suitable for all types of materials.
  • Cold Cutting Method thus maintaining the Structural integrity without contamination from gas or pollutants
  • We specialize in high volume or "one off parts"
  • Material thickness depends on the type of material, please contact our engineers for further detail.
  • Tolerances of cut parts within 0.2mm

Case Studies

Aqua Design have been involved in some of Irelands most iconic and challenging architectural and engineering projects. The Aviva Stadium, the Millennium Spire, Dublin Terminal 2 Airport are just a few of the projects we have been involved in as a consultant and manufacturing capacity.


WaterJet Cutting - The Millennium Spire


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