The Aviva Stadium \ Dublin


We were involved in the construction of The Aviva Stadium. Working with one of the main sub contractors, we were instrumental in the construction of the safety features of the Stadium. At the top of the Stadium running the length of the upper tiers is a glass partition to allow light in but also to protect the spectators.

Lansdown Road, Dublin 4
Laser and Folding Technology


We were involved in the drawing, profiling and folding of the steel channels that take the thickness of the safety glass.

Under the safety glass were two sections of mild steel plates that were interconnected to form a barrier against weather conditions. These plates were folded as an inside/outside design consisting of several folds to deflect the weather and to hold the glass in place.

As the stadium is a curved oval shape rising from ground level to the highest point, each section of glass and plates was unique and individual to each section. Working with the customer we profiled and folded each inside/outside section and laser engraved the corresponding number so that each section was easily identified and assembled.

As each section was different, so were the corresponding plates. As a result it was important that each part was easily identifiable so as to reduce the potential for mistakes and improve the installation/onsite time.


The main solutions we provided for this project were laser and folding technology. With laser cutting we were able to accurately cut the component and laser engrave the identity number on each of the parts to ensure they were used correctly when installing.

Our USP was that we could provide components with tolerances within a fine margin as all the parts were interlocking with each other. This gave the client the peace of mind for the installation that all the component parts would go together perfectly. This was essential to the time frame and especially the project costs.