EPS is the largest sewage treatment services company in Ireland and one of the main suppliers to Irish Water. We have a 20 year plus working relationship with EPS and we have completed over one thousand projects for them. Projects have ranged from precision profile cutting with water and laser, to large scale fabrication used in sewage treatment plants in Ireland and abroad.

Liebherr is the largest Crane manufacturer in the world and we have worked with them for over 20 years. We’ve solidified our relationship over the past two decades, expanding from profile cutting in both laser and water to now supplying finished components with wet spray paint finishes.

BMD is one of Europe’s largest mechanical and process engineering companies. We have worked with them for over fifteen years. We produce high end fabrication work for them, and in recent years we have helped them with an input into design projects for their work in pharmaceutical/medical plants through our in-house 360 design team.

Fleury Engineering delivers bespoke industrial fuel systems and solutions for mission critical equipment and services. We have worked with them for over ten years. We have produced high end fabrication work for filtration systems specifically for generators in data centres.