us tick?

Collaboration &
Happy Customers

We love collaboration in projects and we love to work with customers who invite us into their team.

Our agile process always begins with the customer in mind and we work closely with you and your team to deliver your projects.

Seeing a project from the design stage straight through to installation and knowing that we helped with the improvements throughout the process is a great motivation for us.

Thanks to our agile thinking, we have been fortunate to be involved in some high profile landmark projects such as the Aviva Stadium and the Spire in Dublin. We contributed ideas and our industry knowledge to help with these projects. Not everything needs to be as high profile, even smaller projects can make a huge impact.

Hearing stories back from customers inspire us and help frame our business. They also fuel our team to always strive forward in collaboration and to always look for the alternative idea, and not to lose focus on the bigger picture in every project.

Innovation from the idea of ‘What makes us tick?’

Our Innovation department has become essential within our business. It draws heavily on the expertise we have acquired throughout the years.

Our AQUA Innovation team includes designers, engineers, consultants and production managers.

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360 Approach

Our 360 approach has a top level view from design to implementation. This approach is the backbone to our innovation department and we incorporate it into every project.

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If you have a quick question give a specialist a call on 066 976 7666.

If you have a bit more detail on a project you would like to discuss, then book a 1 to 1 telephone or video call on the calendar.

You can also email us on info@aqua-design.ie